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Setup in no-time!

Time to relax! A folding bath is set up within 1 minute. You can set up the tub in your bathroom, garden or take it to any occasion.

Fill the bath with (hot) water and add bath foam, bath oil or bath salts. Enjoy your relaxing moment or let your children take a bath.

To drain the bath, use the drain hose. Pull the built-in stopper out of the tub and easily drain the water into your shower drain, for example.

Linde Scherpenisse

"So happy with it! The bath is perfect! Both the kids and I are very happy with it. It is easy to store and just wonderful to be able to lie in the bath again."

Nicky de Boer

"Very nice! Big enough to be able to relax well. Also fits easily in the storage room. I use it more often than I thought, great purchase!"

Lucy de Rijke

"Fantastic bath! Delivered immediately the next day, neatly with all parts, it is clearly explained how to unfold the bath and the dimensions are correct. Our daughters are very happy with it and so are we, because we also fit in it ourselves. lid', the water stays warm and you can relax."

The Bath Buckets

Not foldable, but relaxed! This sitz bath is also ideal for a taller adult. You can also enjoy a warm bath with your partner or child. In addition, you can really put the bath anywhere; in the bathroom, on the balcony, at the campsite and in the garden.

With a capacity of 210 liters, you can constantly enjoy the hot water. When you’re done bathing, all you need to do is empty the bath using the drain hose.

bath buckets

Fun for young & old

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"All I needed was a folding bath..."

A friend of mine suggested that I take a bath with you, as it would really make you feel better. To be honest, I felt like it.

This is what I was looking for and needed! A bath to relax and create a moment for myself. One problem; I don’t have a bath at home. My bathroom is way too small to put one in and if it could, it would cost me way too much money. Surely there had to be a solution to this? Taking a bath is a luxury that everyone should be able to enjoy, right?

This is how HelloBath was born. A folding bath that is both comfortable, practical and of high quality. Now everyone can enjoy this relaxing moment at home whenever she/he wants and it takes up almost no space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All baths are ready for use within 1 minute. Curious how this is possible? Here we show you (link)

You need the drain hose to drain the bath. Pull the built-in stopper out of the bath and let the water drain easily into, for example, your shower drain.

Note: The drainage channel should not be located too high, for example in a high shower tray, because then not all the water drains properly.

Fortunately, you can use all your tasty bath salts, bath oil or bath foam. Rinse the bath afterwards with clean water and dry the bath well before folding and storing.

The bath is suitable for bath water up to 45°C. It is also possible to take an ice bath, but wait a while before storing the bath until the bath is at room temperature to easily fold it again.

Our baths fit most bathrooms, but not every model fits every bathroom. If in doubt, we advise you to measure the space in your bathroom before placing your order.

Yes, you can even take the bath with you on vacation. The bath is made of extra strong TPE and is therefore also suitable for outdoor use. But do not leave the baths in the sun for too long to prevent discoloration.

You have a one-year warranty from the day of receipt. Contact our customer service at shop@myhellobath.com

If you are not satisfied with the purchase, you may exchange or return the purchased items within 14 days of the delivery date. After this period, the purchase is considered final.

We strive to send the product the same day so that you can enjoy your purchase tomorrow. If you order after 20:00, we will ship the product the next working day.

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