5 reasons why a collapsible bath should not be missing in your bathroom

You want a bath, but no renovation? Do you think installing a bath in your bathroom is too expensive? Or do you have too little space for a fixed bath? Then a collapsible bath is the ideal solution for you. A must have for your bathroom. A comfortable mobile bathtub that you can easily fold out and in when it suits you. When you’re not using it, it hardly takes up any space. Don’t you have such a trendy bath bucket in your bathroom yet? We give you 5 reasons why you will enjoy a collapsible bath a lot.

1. Wonderfully relax after a busy day

Want to sink into a warm bath after a day full of meetings, phone calls, sports and appointments with colleagues or friends? Do you long for some time for yourself after a busy day? Enjoy a luxurious bath in your own bathroom? How pleasant is that. Music on, candle on the edge of the bath, just dream away and completely relax. Or watch your favorite series on your IPad, with a glass of wine, so that all the stress disappears from your body. Even if you don’t have a built-in bathtub in your bathroom, you can achieve such a relaxing moment for yourself with a mobile bathtub. An ideal, handy bath, which can be set up quickly and easily in almost any bathroom.

2. Burning calories while relaxing in the bathtub

Did you know, as you relax in your folding bathtub, you burn calories? Research has been done on this at a university in England. A study with a striking result. If you take an hour in the bath, you will lose as many calories as if you walk for half an hour. So bathing is not only nice and relaxing, you also burn calories. That doesn’t mean you’ll never have to exercise again, but it’s a nice windfall, right? This way you always have a good excuse to relax for an hour in your mobile bathtub. Are you exhausted? Then fold the collapsible bath again. It’s that simple! Also ideal when you want to use the folding bath in the shower.

3. Bathing is good for your mood

If you feel uncomfortable or stressed, a folding adult bathtub is a godsend if you don’t have a permanent bathtub in your bathroom. Because having a nice bath is good for you. Relax and enjoy the silence. Because you feel comfortable and safe in the warm water, negative thoughts decrease and there is room for optimism again, it makes you happy. After a busy day at work or during a stressful period, a warm bath gives you the necessary rest and positive energy. You can quickly and easily create such a wonderful relaxing moment for yourself with a collapsible bathtub. Did you know that scents in the bathroom have a lot of impact on your state of mind?

4. A hot bath promotes your sleep

Do you not fall asleep easily or sleep restlessly at night? Then a warm bath, one and a half hours before going to sleep, is recommended. That works very well, because your body relaxes completely and your thoughts also come to rest much more as a result. You fall asleep easier, you sleep more deeply and you wake up rested in the morning. This is now also possible if you do not have a built-in bath.

5. A bath helps against muscle soreness after exercise

Do you exercise regularly? Then you will undoubtedly have muscle pain from time to time. Such a hip bath bucket is ideal for relaxing. A warm bath after exercise recovers sore muscles faster, because your blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated by the warm water. A sitting bathtub for adults is then a good choice. You can stay active on your phone or iPad, while your sore muscles get a pleasant boost. It is of course also very nice to relax completely after you have been working out. A sitz bath for adults is indispensable in your bathroom if you are an active athlete.

Conclusion: why a folding bathtub?

There are other reasons how a bath can help you in everyday life. It is ideal for relaxing, but also perfect for the real athletes among us. Check out HelloBath’s folding bathtubs. Do you prefer something just a little smaller? Then the Bath Buckets (XL) are also for you!

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