A folding bathtub for the shower

A folding bathtub for the shower is ideal if you do not have a fixed tub in your bathroom, but still want to enjoy a nice bath. Because let’s face it; a bathroom renovation isn’t exactly the first thing you want either. Beyond the skyrocketing expenses, it also takes a lot of dedication and effort. And should you not have the space to place a fixed bathtub in your bathroom, there is no other option but to place it in your shower.

With a collapsible bathtub, these worries are all a thing of the past.

What is a folding bathtub?

The word actually gives it away. It is a bath that you can fold. So that also means you can easily unfold the bathtub. How does that work? Within 1 snap you have the bathtub unfolded. You fold out the legs and then the tub. This ensures that the bathtub is stable and stays in place. With the convenient shower head holder, all you have to do is let the water flow to the temperature you want.

HelloBath’s deluxe folding bathtub is made for the most relaxing bath time possible. An ergonomic design ensures that you always have a nice posture. The deluxe bath pillow included in the package ensures that you will no longer suffer from a sore neck, back or buttocks. In addition, the headrest is ideal for resting your head on. Do you prefer to lie stretched out and the headrest just gets in the way? Then remove it easily.

Did you think it couldn’t get any more luxurious? Still! Some collapsible bathtubs have foot massage rollers in the tub, allowing you to recreate a true spa moment. The rollers are removable if you would like to lie in the bath with someone else.

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How do you use a collapsible tub for your shower?

Like to shower before bathing? Make sure the bathtub drain plug is not yet attached. Thus, the “dirty” water from your body still drains into the drain first. Tighten the cap and fill with water. You can also use a delicious bath salts to make bathing even more enjoyable.

Are you ready? Using the drain hose, you easily drain the water to the drain. Fold back the bathtub and set it aside. Thus, you do not have to have a large storage space to store this bathtub.

Watch the product video below for detailed instructions.

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A folding bathtub too big for the shower

Bath Bucket XL

Of course, a collapsible tub may be too big for your shower. The smallest folding bath is 140cm long, 64cm wide and 70cm high. Should it not be possible to accommodate a large bathtub in the shower, you can always go for a Bath Bucket XL. Not foldable, but relaxing!

The Bath Bucket XL is just a bit smaller than a collapsible bathtub. Namely, these are 125cm long, 53cm wide and 63cm high. So it is easier to place these in your shower.

The Bucket is made of safe and strong material. As a result, it can take a beating. Like the folding tub, you fill the Bucket with water to the desired temperature. With the drain plug, you make sure the water has nowhere to go. You lie back in the bath and take a lovely (well-deserved) moment for yourself. Finished bathing? Pull out the stopper, drain the water and simply set the tub aside.

In short.

A folding bathtub is fine for use in the shower. It is comfortable and easy to use. Should a similar bathtub be too big for your shower, you can also opt for a Bath Bucket XL. In fact, these are somewhat smaller than the fold-out versions.

At HelloBath, you now temporarily receive a free underwater lamp and deluxe bath pillow with the folding bathtubs. Ordered today before 8 p.m. is delivered tomorrow. Post-payment with Klarna is possible.

Check out the folding bathtubs.

Check out the Bath Buckets.

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