A shower, a bath or both in your bathroom?

Both a shower and a bath in your bathroom, how pleasant is that?! A quick, refreshing shower in the early morning before going to work. In the evening, at the weekend, in between all the daily worries and during holidays, take a nice long bath, time for yourself to relax and enjoy your rest. Both a shower and a bath in the bathroom are therefore ideal, but is that also practically feasible for you?

New possibilities for your bathroom

If you have a smaller bathroom, the choice is usually made quickly. A shower takes up less space, is more efficient to use, so the bath gets a place on your wish list. For later, if you have a bigger bathroom. This is usually the case even if you have a smaller budget. Later, sometime… Or are you afraid that you will use a bath too little, so that it actually takes up too much space? Does that stop you from choosing a bathtub? All understandable reasons why you choose a shower, but we think you can nevertheless have both a bathtub and a shower in your home. Because nowadays there is a very smart solution for that. Even if you have a smaller budget, a smaller bathroom or don’t feel like a renovation, you can have a bath and shower in your bathroom. Do you want to know how? Then read on quickly and let us inspire you.

A folding bath in your bathroom ideal for relaxing

Time has not stood still. Did you know that you can now also buy a collapsible bath? A handy, mobile bathtub that you can place in your bathroom when you need to relax in a nice warm bath. In terms of size, it is ideal for placing separately in a smaller space. And very trendy too, because soaking and relaxing in a hip bath bucket is part of this busy time, when we are often full with appointments and running from hot to her. Taking time for yourself is very important to stay fit and in balance. A mobile bathtub is then super useful if you have limited space, or if you don’t feel like or have the budget to renovate your bathroom. With such a fold-out bathtub, you can still bathe in comfort and relax at your convenience. Read more tips for ultimate relaxation during your bathing session.

Have you become curious about a mobile bathtub? Would you like to know what such a bath looks like and whether it is quick and easy to set up? Then get acquainted with one of the folding baths . Surprising huh? Do you see how beautifully and ergonomically designed the mobile bathtub is? James is really made to spoil you and help you de-stress. It is compact and handy and can be in your bathroom within 1 minute. If you need to withdraw in peace from your daily worries, you’ve arranged it in this way. Unfold James, add a snack, drink, music and a nice book and you are all set to spoil yourself. For your convenience, we list the advantages of the James collapsible bathtub:

All the benefits of a bathtub in your shower/bathroom

1. Set up within 1 minute
2. A simple folding and unfolding system
3. Ergonomic design for complete relaxation
4. Compact and handy
5. Light weight, only 22 cm when folded
6. Has multiple outlets
7. No ‘standing in the way’

Treat yourself to the luxury of a comfortable bath bucket

See the benefits of taking a relaxing bath? Give yourself some rest, spoil yourself, if you have a busy life, it is really not a luxury to take the time to relax again. Between your work, your appointments and all your activities. If you don’t, you will gradually build up stress in your body and you will no longer be able to relax. Of course you don’t want that. Allow yourself the luxury of taking a bath, to get out of the bath relaxed and fit. Such a wonderful bathing session brings you back into balance both physically and mentally. Afterwards you are completely fit again. Ready to plunge back into life and enjoy the daily hustle and bustle.

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