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A folding bathtub for the shower

A folding bathtub for the shower is ideal if you do not have a fixed tub in your bathroom, but still want to enjoy a nice bath. Because let’s face it; a bathroom renovation isn’t exactly the first thing you…

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Sitting bath for adults: 3 different types

A sit-down bathtub is becoming increasingly popular for adults. They are not only a good way to get inbe able to relax and cleanse yourself, they also all have differenthealth benefits. For example, sitting baths can improve circulation, relieve muscle…

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Do scents in the bathroom affect your mood?

Yes. I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your notice that scent affects your mood. When you add the right scent to your bathing ritual, you can benefit greatly. In fact, certain scents have a relaxing effect but there are also just…

7 bath tips for the best experience

An evening of me-time is not complete without a warm bath. For a fine bath experience applies:preparation is everything. This way you can completely relax. Put on your HelloBath, light a scented candle andgrab a book. The tips below will…

Me time, a wonderful relaxing bath time

Do you long for some time for yourself after a busy day or in a stressful time? No phone calls, no apps, no conversations with colleagues, no running and flying, but just relaxing undisturbed. Me time, just you for a…

A shower, a bath or both in your bathroom?

Both a shower and a bath in your bathroom, how pleasant is that?! A quick, refreshing shower in the early morning before going to work. In the evening, at the weekend, in between all the daily worries and during holidays,…

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