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Taking an ice bath is more popular than ever, and not just because it’s cooling. Taking an ice bath has many benefits for your health. And is actually a must for after exercise, for example.

Don’t have a permanent tub in your bathroom, but still want to take an ice bath? No problem, in no time you can transform your bathroom into a real spa thanks to a folding bathtub.

You’re probably wondering where to buy an ice bath (foldable)? You can buy a foldable ice bath from Hello Bath, in addition, we also have Bath Buckets in our webshop that are perfect for taking an ice bath. Check them out below

The benefits of buying an ice bath from HelloBath

When you buy a folding bathtub that you will use as an ice bath, there are a number of advantages to this.

  • The folding ice bath is portable. This allows you to use the bath in your bathroom, but in summer you can also move your ice bath to the garden or balcony, for example. Taking an ice bath outdoors is a uniquely refreshing experience.

  • Buying an ice bath (folding) gives you the complete experience of an ice bath for only a fraction of the cost of remodeling your bathroom.

  • We have different types of ice baths in our range, so at Hello Bath you will always find an ice bath that suits your needs and fits your bathroom, no matter how big or small your bathroom is.

  • When you buy an ice bath, the bath is multi-purpose. So you can also use the tub to take a hot bath, wash small children in it.

  • Hello Bath’s ice bath is made of high-quality material and comes with high-quality accessories. Plus, you have a 365-day warranty on your ice bath.
bath bucket voor volwassenen

The health benefits of an ice bath

Taking an ice bath is good to add to your beauty routine. Besides giving your skin a beautiful natural glow, it also brings health benefits. We list the benefits of taking an ice bath for you:

  • Increased concentration and alertness. When you take an ice bath your heart rate and blood pressure increases and your breathing speeds up which ensures that waste products are disposed of faster and oxygen and nutrients are available to you faster.
  • You are less likely to be sick. In fact, taking an ice bath naturally strengthens your immune system.
  • Reduces stress symptoms. Taking an ice bath positively affects your mood by releasing certain hormones such as endorphins. And endorphins aren’t called the happiness hormone for nothing.
  • You recover faster after exercise. Taking an ice bath is like an accelerated cool down. If you don’t have time to do a cool down after your workout, you can take an ice bath. Also, taking an ice bath helps muscles recover faster after exercise. This decreases the risk of injury.
  • Taking an ice bath has a pain-relieving effect.

Buy your ice bath today and relax as early as tomorrow

Order your (collapsible) ice bath easily in our webshop and enjoy your first ice bath as soon as tomorrow. Check out our folding baths and Bath Buckets.

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