Folding Bathtubs

Bathing at home at last

Folding Bathtubs

Bathing at home at last

*Includes headrest, lids, bath cushion, underwater lamp, drain plugs, stretchable drain hose and storage cover

Suitable for young and old

Large enough for adults. Also suitable for babies and children.

Set up in 1 minute

Easily set up and folded down in no time after use. Takes up little space.

Safe and environmentally friendly

Made of eco-friendly material and safe for babies' and children's skin.

Time to relax! A folding bath is set up within 1 minute. You can set up the tub in your bathroom, garden or take it to any occasion.

Fill the bath with (hot) water and add bath foam, bath oil or bath salts. Enjoy your relaxing moment or let your children take a bath.

To drain the bath, use the drain hose. Pull the built-in stopper out of the tub and easily drain the water into your shower drain, for example.

What our customers say

Linde Scherpenisse
Linde ScherpenissePerfect!
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"So happy with it! The bath is perfect! Both the kids and myself are absolutely delighted with it. It's easy to store and just lovely to be able to lie in the bath again."
De Volkskrant
De VolkskrantWellness in your own home
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"And although 'The Thing' was initially viewed with some suspicion, it did manage to find my weak spot, because such a half-hour of wellness in your own home, no sauna can beat that. 'I didn't know I wanted this,' I tell the test colleagues after a few baths. 'But I'm converted.' "
Lucy de Rijke
Lucy de Rijke Fantastic bath
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"Fantastic bath! Delivered promptly the next day, neatly included all the parts, it clearly explains how to unfold the bath and the dimensions are correct. Our daughters are very happy with it and so are we, as even we ourselves fit in it. The 'lid' keeps the water warm and allows them to relax."

Linde Scherpenisse

"So happy with it! The bath is perfect! Both the kids and I are very happy with it. It is easy to store and just wonderful to be able to lie in the bath again."

Nicky de Boer

"Very nice! Big enough to be able to relax well. Also fits easily in the storage room. I use it more often than I thought, great purchase!"

Lucy de Rijke

"Fantastic bath! Delivered immediately the next day, neatly with all parts, it is clearly explained how to unfold the bath and the dimensions are correct. Our daughters are very happy with it and so are we, because we also fit in it ourselves. lid', the water stays warm and you can relax."

Folding Bathtubs

Nowadays, daily life is getting busier and busier. Besides your work, taking care of your children, cooking, sports and other hobbies, it all seems to go so fast. You no longer allow yourself moments of rest. While that is the most important part of a nice balance. 

With the foldable bathtubs from HelloBath, you can enjoy a moment to yourself undisturbed. And what a moment! Apart from the fact that the foldable bathtubs have an ergonomic design, they fit into (almost) any bathroom. 

Research shows that taking a nice bath regularly improves your mood. And not surprising really. Who doesn’t unwind with a nice hot bath? 

How to use folding bathtubs

Quite simple really. You unfold the bath where you want it. That can be in your bathroom, but also balcony, garden or other place with access to a water connection. Simply fill the bath using the shower head holder and use a pleasant bath oil for extra pleasure. With the lid on the bath, you can put your laptop for a series or for a nice cup of tea. The lid keeps your bath warm for an average of 1 hour longer than usual. 

Have you finished bathing? Then easily drain the water with the included drain hose. Fold back your foldabling bathtub and set it aside. 

Foldable bathtubs for sports

Apart from the fact that bathtubs provide a relaxing moment, you can also use them functionally. For muscle recovery, for example. By taking a hot bath after exercising, your aching muscles recover faster. This is because your blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated by the warm water. Win-win! 

What do you receive?

Your bath comes standard with headrest, lids, underwater light, bath cushion, stretch drain hose, storage cover and drain plugs (including 2 spare ones). 

In addition, you have a 365-day warranty on the collapsible bathtubs. For more information, read the shipping & returns page. 

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