Me time, a wonderful relaxing bath time

Do you long for some time for yourself after a busy day or in a stressful time? No phone calls, no apps, no conversations with colleagues, no running and flying, but just relaxing undisturbed. Me time, just you for a while, take good care of yourself and then step back into life fresh. But how do you create such a moment? How do you make sure that you can really unwind for a while, without having to leave or organize complicated things to do so? Your best bet is to relax in the bath.

Fully relaxed in a warm bath

Luxurious bathing is very convenient way to relax. Sink into a warm bath and the daily stress will slide off by itself, you will completely relax. Don’t you have a bath? Even then, me time in the bath is easily accomplished with a collapsible bathtub, which only takes up space when you use your collapsible tub. The ideal solution if you don’t have a bath or if you don’t feel like or have the money for a complete bathroom renovation, but do want to take a bath if you need a relaxing moment for yourself. You can quickly and easily unfold a collapsible bath and store it away just as easily. Perfectly suited if you feel like some me time. Such a trendy bath bucket is a great gift for yourself.

How do you relax optimally?

Time for yourself often falls short when you are busy. That’s too bad. Therefore, do not only plan all your appointments, but also plan time for yourself, because especially when you are very busy or stressed, it is very important to relax. To prepare, unfold your mobile bathtub. In the instruction video below you can see how you can do this yourself very quickly and easily. Then fill the bath with, for example, a pleasantly scented Lavender bath oil. The scent of lavender is wonderful and helps you to relax completely. Did you know that scents in the bathroom affect your state of mind in different ways ? Place on the lid, which partially covers your bath and keeps it warm, a candle, your favorite book, a warm cup of herbal tea or a nice glass of wine. Put on some relaxing music in the background and then slide into the bath.

Clean on the outside and inside

In your collapsible bathtub, you slowly unwind. The warm water also relaxes your cramped muscles, making you more and more relaxed. All stress disappears from your body while taking a bath, so that you feel completely fit and charged again and you get a positive mindset again. While you are in the bath, you finally have time to read your favorite book, but also closing your eyes and dreaming away is very pleasant. In this way, not only does your body get clean, you also cleanse your mind. Me time is like a little party for yourself. If you allow yourself time for me time, it has a huge positive effect. You will feel completely sane again after an hour.

What not to do during your relaxing bath

There’s really only one thing you can do better. Don’t go on your phone during the bath session. Preferably leave your phone outside the bathroom, so that you cannot be disturbed. Because you can only really come to yourself if you are not distracted by all kinds of things. Only then do your thoughts and your body get the chance to completely relax. Just relax, close your eyes, read a book or magazine, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the wonderful scents and tranquility of the moment. All attention for yourself.​

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