A Bath Bucket from HelloBath

Enjoy a moment to yourself in a Bath Bucket by HelloBath. With a Bath Bucket, you can enjoy a hot bath in your bathroom. Ideal if you do not have a fixed bathtub in your house or flat. It saves you from those high renovation costs that are needed to install a fixed bathtub in your bathroom. Besides, it is unnecessary to undertake a major renovation if you rent the property.

What is a Bath Bucket?

A Bath Bucket is a mobile tub that you can fill with water. It is mainly used in bathrooms without a fixed bathtub or as a summer playground for children. HelloBath’s Bath Buckets are 125cm long, making it ideal for the taller adult. In addition, several children can enter the bath at the same time. In total, the bath fits 210 litres of water, which is the average of a standard bathtub. It is wide enough so that you can get your shoulders under the water with ease. You should not be alarmed while filling the bath, as it expands a little bit to the outside making it wider. Thus, you will experience ideal comfort.

How does a Bath Bucket work?

You fill the Bath Bucket with hot or cold water. You can use tasty bath salts, bath oil or bath foam. Because it is a mobile bath bucket you can place it anywhere. In your bathroom, balcony, garden or even take it to the beach! The water stays at a nice temperature for about 1 hour.

Are you done bathing? With the included drain hose you can easily drain the water. You can do this in your bathroom drain, but when the bath is in your garden, the plants get water too. So a win-win situation.

You just slide the Bath Bucket aside and voila.


You will receive your order in a nice box. It will be delivered directly to your home. The standard rates of PostNL are applied.

All items are subject to a 14-day cooling-off period, which starts the day you receive the item. Should you not like the bath, you can always return it. In addition, you have a 365-day warranty on your bath. For more information on shipping and returns click here.

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