Bath Bucket L


With your shoulders under the water in your very own Bath Bucket L. This extra-large Bath Bucket L is ideal for the taller adult. Also suitable for children. Place the tub in your bathroom, garden, balcony or anywhere else with access to water! Also super fun to take to camping. The comfortable design allows you to completely relax.

The Bath Bucket L is 100cm long and 63cm high. This allows you as an adult to still be underwater with your shoulders. With the included drain hose, you easily drain the water and set the tub aside. Safe material for children and babies.

Available in several colours


Are you also in need of a relaxing moment? But don’t have a permanent bath in your bathroom or don’t fancy a major bathroom renovation with high costs? This comfortable Bath Bucket solves that problem. The bath is 100 cm long, making it ideal for taller adults. The Bath Bucket is also suitable for children. Place the bath wherever you want: in your bathroom, on the balcony, at the campsite or in the garden.

The Bath Bucket is ideal for the smaller bathroom as it takes up little space. When you don’t need the bath for a while you put it aside. On the side of the Bath Bucket is a small tray for a drink, snack or bath products. With a 180-litre capacity, you can easily submerge with your shoulders. This way, you can completely retreat and enjoy me-time.

Ready to relax? Using the included drain hose, the bathtub is drained in no time.


  • The Bath Bucket is large enough for an adult person (but also suitable for children)
  • Enjoy a nice warm bath at home
  • Includes drain hose for easy water drainage
  • Available in several colours
  • Large capacity of approximately 180 litres
  • 365 days warranty

Dimensions :

  • Overall length: 100 cm
  • Seat length: 92 cm
  • Width: 52 cm
  • Height: 63 cm

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Bath Bucket Colour

Black, Grey, Sand, White


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