Bath cushion | Adjustable with suction cups

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Having trouble finding a nice position in the bath? With this deluxe bath pillow, that’s a thing of the past. This bath cushion fits any type of bathtub. Also in our folding bathtubs. The pillow molds to your body. No more trouble with your neck, shoulders, back or buttocks.

With the 8 suction cups, you won’t slip in your bathtub. And once you’ve found the perfect pose, you can quietly close your eyes. In addition, it is possible to separate the back and seat areas.

✔ Detachable
✔ 8 suction cups
✔ Ergonomic design
✔ Suitable for any type of bathtub


After a hard day’s toil, you like to relax in your bathtub. Yet sometimes it is difficult to find the right position that is truly comfortable. Trouble with your shoulders, neck, back or buttocks starting to cramp up. Then that relaxing moment will soon be history. With this deluxe bath pillow from HelloBath, you won’t have this problem anymore. A position that is ergonomically good for you and without slipping under.

Extra firm support for your head, neck, shoulders, back and buttocks as the materials of this bath pillow adapt to your body. As a result, you constantly assume a comfortable posture. With the 4 suction cups on the back section and 4 suction cups on the seat section, you’ll never slip again.

The HelloBath luxury bath pillow can be used in any type of bathtub. Not just our folding bathtubs. In addition, the pillow is suitable for young and old.

The bath pillow is attached together with a zipper construction. Should you still prefer to separate the seat from the back area, that is possible. Ideal for slightly longer bathtubs.

Bath cushion specifications

  • 4 suction cups back section and 4 suction cups seat section
  • Seat depth 30 cm
  • Seat width 40 cm
  • Back section height 58 cm
  • Back section width 4o cm

Additional information

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Brazilian Sand, Cool Grey, Dusky Pink, Ocean Blue, Sage Green, Steel Grey


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