Fizzing Bath Powder Pink XL Bag

A fragrance and color feast in your bathroom? With this Fizzing Bath Powder Pink, that’s just fine. This bag of bath powder (normal effervescent balls) is ideal for a wonderful relaxing moment. The powder is handmade in the Netherlands and also sustainable, caring, animal-test free and vegan. Also suitable for children.

✔ Easy to dose
✔ Sustainable, caring, animal-test free and vegan
✔ Shovel included
✔ Without glitter
✔ Suitable for children
✔ For 8 – 10 baths


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Do you also always enjoy a lovely moment for yourself in a (hot) bath? Or do your kids love it when the bath water appears in a pretty color? With the Fizzing Bath Powder Pink, every bath time becomes even better! These pink bath crumbs will create a color and fragrance explosion in your bathroom! In addition, your skin feels silky smooth after the bath. Ideal for even more relaxation or to give someone as a gift.

What is Fizzing Bath Powder?

Fizzing Bath Powder is the powder that is also used in the well-known effervescent bath balls, but only the powder of it in a bag. It’s super convenient because you control how much you put in. Do you normally find the effervescent balls give off too much color and fragrance? That is now a thing of the past.

The Fizzing Bath Powder is handmade in the Netherlands. And sustainable, caring, pet-free and vegan. So not harmful to your skin!

What do you receive?

There is 400mg in a stand-up pouch. This is good for 8-10 bathing sessions. Should you use the bath powder sparingly, you can get more baths out of it. In fact, for colored bath water, you only need to add a small amount.


Avoid contact of the powder with your eyes. If the powder does get into your eyes, rinse well with water.




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