Olivia M – Folding Bath


The comfortable Olivia – Foldable Bath M, is ideal for any household without a fixed bathtub. Because you unfold the bath and fill it with water in 1 instant. This bath is just a bit smaller than her big brother Oliver. With a seating area of 101cm, it is still comfortable to take a moment to yourself in the bath.

Olivia comes with a bath pillow, which ensures you won’t get a sore neck, back or bottom while bathing. To complete the spa experience, there are foot massage rollers in the bath, but should you not like them or want to take two in the bath, you can easily cover them.

Finished bathing? With the drain hose, you easily feed the water to the drain in your bathroom. It is also possible to place the bath on your balcony, garden or other place with access to water. As the bath is made of sturdy and safe material, you can let your children use it with confidence.

Pick your favourite colour.


When you order Olivia Foldable Bath M, you will receive the following things:

  • Olivia folding bath
  • Storage cover
  • Headrest
  • Drain plugs
  • Stretchable drain hose
  • Lids (water hotter for longer)
  • Free bath pillow
  • Free underwater lamp

After a busy day, do you also crave a relaxing moment in this Olivia folding bath for yourself in a lovely warm bath? Have you been hesitating to renovate your bathroom for years, but are you afraid of the high costs or do you simply not have the options? Then this collapsible bath from HelloBath is the solution you are looking for!

Now with free underwater light for an extra spa moment in your own bathroom!

Very easy

With a simple hand movement, the folding bath can be set up and folded flat again after use, making it only 20cm high and can be stored in the included storage cover. The bath takes up almost no space, is easy to store and is suitable for smaller bathrooms. The bath is ideal for use in a (rental) home that does not offer space or possibility for a fixed bath. The folding bath can be an excellent solution not only in the bathroom, but also in the garden, on the balcony or at the campsite.

super comfortable

With a seating area of no less than 101m, this folding bath is big enough the average tall men and women. The bath is also suitable as a child/baby bath. The collapsed bath serves the little ones excellently. Due to the two sturdy folding legs, the bath is stable and is therefore completely safe to use. The bath is easy to fill with the shower hose, which can be secured to the back of the bath.

Drain water

After bathing, there are two ways to drain the water. When the bath is in the shower, use the plug at the bottom to drain the water right away. Is the bath further away from the shower drain? Use the supplied 3-meter long drain hose to drain the water to the floor drain. With an increased drainage, the water cannot drain properly. If your drainage is higher, the water can be drained with a water pump (not included).

Extra luxury

By placing the supplied 4-piece lids on the bath, you can enjoy warm water for up to an hour. Or just use the 2nd lid as a bath shelf for your snack, drink and tablet to enjoy your favorite series. To complete your Spa At Home feeling, you will receive a HelloBath underwater lamp from us for free.

Safe materials

HelloBath’s collapsible baths are made of odorless and safe materials. BPA-free, Phthalate-free and safe for the skin of babies and young children. High quality and environmentally friendly soft rubber and polypropylene, which can be pressed easily, without deformation and damage. The material is both flexible and sturdy, so that the bath can take a beating.

Now experience for yourself what it is like to completely unwind in the folding bath Oliver from Hello Bath. See also the other models: Goliath and James.


Material: Polypropylene
External dimensions: 128x60x58 (folded 22 cm)
Seat dimensions: 101x40cm
Colour: Pink/White & Blue/White
Weight: 10 kg
Capacity: 180 litres


– 100% Safe and sturdy material
– L so you can stretch out
– Easy to deflate
– Easy to store
– Large enough for adults (but also suitable for children and babies)
– Cool down in the hot summer and warm up during the cold winter days
– No major bathroom remodelling and high costs

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 128 × 60 × 58 cm
Olivia Colour

Ocean Blue, Pink Gray, Steel Gray


Country Shipping costs Delivery time
Denmark €15 4 – 8 business days
France €15 4 – 8 business days
Luxembourg €15 4 – 8 business days
Austria €15 4 – 8 business days
Sweden €15 4 – 8 business days


Country Shipping costs Delivery time
Finland €25 5 -10 business days
Slovenia €25 5 -10 business days
Italy €25 5 -10 business days
Spain €25 5 -10 business days
Czech Republic €25 5 -10 business days
Poland €25 5 -10 business days
Slovakia €25 5 -10 business days


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