Underwater Light


Enjoy an atmospheric spa moment with underwater lighting in your bathtub. No more that dull, bright bathroom light during your relaxing moment. 100% waterproof and therefore safe to use in your bath. In addition, it is also suitable for other occasions.

Let the light sink to the bottom or secure with included magnets or suction cups. With a total of 16 colors and 4 movement modes (fade in / out, flash and smooth), your space will be extra atmospheric. For use in all HelloBath bathtubs.

✔ 100% safe and high quality
✔ Your own spa moment
✔ Suitable for jacuzzi, pool, pond and aquarium
✔ Perfect for parties, decor light, mood light or night light
✔ 16 different colors
✔ Remote control for setting speed and brightness
✔ Different motion modes (fade in / out, flash and smooth)

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Besides relaxing in your collapsible bathtub, enjoy atmospheric lighting in your bathroom? No more that bright, uncomfortable bathroom light during a moment just for you. Then this XL Underwater Light from HelloBath is ideal for you!

HelloBath’s underwater lights are slightly larger and heavier than the average underwater light for a bathtub. As a result, it is 100% waterproof and perfect for a variety of situations. The light can be used in a Jacuzzi, pool or pond lighting. The light can even be used in your aquarium. Besides being intended for underwater use, the light can also be used as lighting at parties or other occasions such as decor light, mood light or even night light.

How do you attach the underwater light?

Because underwater lighting is relatively “heavy,” it sinks directly to the bottom in your pool. Then the bulb does lie loose in the bathtub. Therefore, there are 2 other attachment methods:

  1. Make use of the magnet. You can attach these to different types of metal;
  2. Make use of the suction cups. For all other types of materials other than metal.

100% waterproof

This Underwater Light XL from HelloBath consists of an extra thick, silicone sealing ring. On the outside and inside. This makes it 100% safe to use the light in your bathtub. This is because it is impossible for water to reach the batteries. Are you ready to relax? Remove the underwater lamp from the water to prevent hardening of the silicone rings.

16 different colors

The included remote control gives you a long range of +-40 meters. Allows you to project underwater light with 16 different colors / lighting effects. In addition, it is possible to set the lights to different moving positions. Namely flash, fade in / out and smooth. And that makes the space extra atmospheric.

With the remote control, you can easily control the light speed and brightness. You can set the timer for 2, 4 or 6 hours. Ideal when you want a moment to yourself without taking your phone into the bathroom.

Specifications underwater light bath

  • 1 x Underwater lamp XL
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 13 led lights
  • 16 different colors
  • Dimmable and different modes
  • 3 x AA batteries (not included)



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