This is how to clean your HelloBath: ready for the next use!

Our baths are perfect if you want to enjoy a hot bath, while you don’t have space to install a fixed bath in your bathroom. You set up the folding bath in no time: it only takes a minute! Then it’s time to enjoy a full-fledged bathing experience! We give you tips for cleaning and tidying up your HelloBath so that it is all set for next time!

Set up in a minute!

Our bathtubs make sure you can relax in the bath! Then, of course, setting up shouldn’t be too much of a hassle either. That is why our folding baths are designed so that you can easily and quickly put it to use. In just 1 minute, you have it peaked! You unfold the bath, insert the plug and fill it with water at your desired temperature. It’s that easy!

You don’t even have to assemble the Bath Buckets at all: it just needs to be filled with water!

This is how to empty the folding bathtub

Were you able to relax in the bath? Then it has to be cleaned up after bathing. If your bath is in the shower, simply remove the plug from the bath to allow the water to drain away. If it is further away, or on the balcony for example, you can use the included drain hose to drain the water away. It folds out up to 3 metres so you can reach up to a drain!

Clean and store: ready for next time!

When the bath is empty, it is best to rinse your folding HelloBath bathtub with clean water: it is more hygienic, especially if you share the bath with other people. It is good to clean the bath a little more thoroughly once in a while, just like a fixed bath. Especially if you regularly use bath products like bath foam, oil or bubble balls! Skin fats also start to adhere to the bath. This is quite normal, but that’s why it’s fresh to give the bath a good clean once in a while. For this, just use soapy water and a soft sponge.

Then make sure the bath is thoroughly dry before folding it. You can just let it air dry or dry it off quickly with a towel yourself. Are you and the bath all dried up? Then you can fold the bathtub and set it aside again, all ready for the next use!

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