7 bath tips for the best experience

An evening of me-time is not complete without a warm bath. For a fine bath experience applies:
preparation is everything. This way you can completely relax. Put on your HelloBath, light a scented candle and grab a book. The tips below will help you create a home spa and the most enjoyable bathing experience that will invigorate you!

1. Create a nice atmosphere

A pleasant atmosphere is important for a relaxing bathing experience. Dim the lights or provide other soft lighting. Then light your favorite scented candle or put some candles around your bath. Another
mood maker is soothing music.

2. Make sure the temperature is right

The temperature of your bath must be perfect. This all depends on personal preference. Some like a steaming hot bath, while others prefer something cooler.

The ideal temperature for a bath is between 36 and 38 degrees. At higher temperatures, your skin loses too much moisture. Therefore, while the bath is filling up, check the temperature every now and then to make sure you are sitting relaxed later.

3. Use Fragrance

With a scent in the bath, your body and mind will be completely relaxed. This is not only possible with bath foam, but essential oils, bubble balls or bath salts are also an option.

Scents are a perfect way to unwind or energise you, depending on the type you choose. Scents that provide relaxation include lavender, rosemary, frankincense, sandalwood and chamomile. For an energizing bath, go for fruity scents such as lemon or bergamot. Want to evoke a romantic feeling? Then go for rose.

4. Have a drink

For a real pampering moment, your favorite drink should not be missed. Thus, a glass of wine in the bath gives you the ultimate luxury feeling. Just make sure you stay well hydrated. A glass of water after a hot bath is definitely recommended, as a hot bath will make you sweat. In this way your body excretes waste. By drinking a glass of water you help your body.

5. Grab a magazine or book

There is nothing more relaxing than an offline moment with which you switch off completely. Turn off your phone or put it in another room. So you finally have time to pick up your book again, or flip through your favourite magazine.

6. Skin care

With a nourishing face or hair mask you are well-groomed after your bath. No mask at home? There are hundreds of DIY recipes available online. For example, mix clay powder with water and aloe vera gel for a refreshing mask. For a hair mask, a nourishing oil such as almond oil, argan oil, castor oil or coconut oil is perfect.

7. Close well

After your relaxing bath, you want to maintain that relaxed feeling. So get your bathrobe or other loungewear ready. Another tip is to rub in with body lotion to properly hydrate your skin. In the cold winter months, warm socks or slippers are the way to keep your feet warm after a bath.

Those were the bath tips

Hopefully these tips will help make your bath time even more enjoyable. Don’t have a fixed bath in your bathroom, but still want to enjoy that relaxing feeling? With the collapsible bathtubs and bath buckets from HelloBath, you don’t need an expensive remodel. In addition, you have the bath set up and folded again in no time. They are suitable for small bathrooms, the balcony, the garden and other places where you have access to water. Read here the five reasons why a folding bathtub should not be missing from your bathroom.

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