Tips for making the most of your Bath Bucket XL

A Bath Bucket XL, also known as a bath bucket, is a wonderful way to relax and unwind in your own home or garden. With a little creativity, you can make the most of your bath bucket. In this article, we share some handy tips for making the most of your Bath Bucket XL so you can enjoy endless bathing!

1. Choose the right size

HelloBath’s largest bath buckets are 122 cm and offer enough space to lower your shoulders under the water, providing more relaxation. This size is ideal for people of average height. The bath buckets also come with a bath shelf, tray, bath stopper, bath stopper with tap and extendable drain hose. In addition, all Bath Buckets are safe for children.

You also have a smaller variant; the Bath Bucket L. It is 100 cm long and comes with the same accessories as the larger version. This one can feel a bit cramped if you are a taller adult, so you can’t always go underwater with your shoulders. But the bath is ideal for children or smaller people!

2. Create the right atmosphere with colours

HelloBath’s bath buckets come in five beautiful colours, allowing you to set the mood of your bathing experience. Sage Green, for example, exudes a sense of calm and harmony, while Ultra Black has a luxurious and modern look. Cool Grey creates a relaxed atmosphere, while Stone White has a classic and timeless look to suit any home. Brazilian Sand creates a warm and cosy atmosphere. Choose the colour that best suits your personal taste.

3. Make use of aromatherapy

Add a touch of relaxation to your bathing experience. You can do this by using aromatherapy and adding a few drops of essential oils to the bath water. Lavender oil can help relax and calm the mind, while eucalyptus oil offers refreshment and makes you breathe easier. Experiment with different scents and find out which one suits you best.

4. Add mood lighting

To create the right atmosphere during your bath time, you can use mood lighting. So you can place some candles around your bath bucket for soft and soothing light. LED candles are a safe alternative if you prefer not to use fire. Dimmable lighting in the room can also help create a nice atmosphere. Besides, our underwater light is the most fun and varied solution for a cosier bath!

5. Make use of relaxing music

Music has a lot of influence on the mood and atmosphere and can therefore be a great addition to your bathing experience with the Bath Bucket. Create a playlist of soothing and relaxing music that helps you unwind.

In short

Making the most of your Bath Bucket is all about creating a relaxing atmosphere where you can completely unwind. With the right size of 122 cm that allows you to lower your shoulders underwater, and the choice of five beautiful colours such as Sage Green, Ultra Black, Cool Grey, Stone White and Brazilian Sand, you can make your bathing experience perfect. Experiment with aromatherapy, mood lighting and relaxing music to create the right atmosphere and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of a lovely bath. Enjoy your Bath Bucket and let all the stress of the day slip away from you.

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